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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the DC380 So Cheap?
We are currently running a limited time Australian Launch promotion and have slashed prices in order to get as many distributors as soon as possible. The main part of our business is selling the consumables; the more machines out there, the more coffee powders and consumables we sell.

Must I buy your Consumable?
No – When you purchase our machines/s you are not committed to any consumables agreement, you can purchase powders and cups wherever you like. Of course we would like to sell you our consumables but you are under no obligation to buy them But we hope you keep in mind that our coffee and chocolate blends have been created especially for the DC380 with the cups being the perfect size for the machine (the DC380 accepts cups from 6 to 8 OZ)

Is this a franchise?
No, it is not a franchise – so there are no there are no colossal startup costs with ongoing franchise fees. However, once you purchase one of our machines we will provide you with ongoing support and access to the consumables supplies at special distributor prices.

Do I need any experience to become a Da Caf Vendor?
No experience is necessary. The DC 380 is extremely easy to set up and refill, we supply you with easy to follow instructions and also have a customer support team who are happy to help you with any problems at any time.

Is the machine easy to move around?
Weighing at less than 18 Kg you will be able to move it from place to place in most normal sized cars – you will not need a truck!

How much can I earn?
Obviously this will depend on the location; high traffic locations will earn more while low traffic locations will earn less. It’s up to you to find the best locations. We suggest that if earnings are lower than expected you can simply relocate to a better location.
Approximate Earnings per beverage:

Sale Price per beverage $ 2.00
Less approximate cost of powder and Cup $ 0.25
Gross profit per beverage $ 1.75

*How it works section of this website has earning calculations.

What if the machine has problems?
Our support team will available who you can contact and, if the problem is simple, they can talk you through it or in the case of a small part that may need replacing it can be sent to you. If the problem is not solved, we will give you the address of our closest repair service center

Does the machine have Warranty?
All machines come with a 12 month Limited warranty. You will need a copy of your purchase receipt.

Can I on sell the machine?
Of course you can, and all remaining warranties will be passed on. You can even sell your machine/s with location agreements and ask a lot more, especially if you have income records

Are there discounts for larger machine orders?
Yes – Currently we have slashed the prices of our machine for the Australian Launch, for a very limited time. We are also offering a Gold Distributor Deal which includes an extra machine for free on every purchase of 10 machines. Gold Distributors will also receive discounts on future orders so they can on sell the machines and powders if they wish. We do not place our name or contact details so you could very easily place a sticker with your own.

Where can I place my machine?
You can place the machine at your own workplace, a convenience store, Construction sites, petrol stations, clubs, tea rooms, weekend sporting events, fairs, and fund raising events or car washes. You can place the machine at practically any business or service location with frequent visitors. Australia has over 2 million actively trading, registered businesses with 96% of those being regarded as small businesses, many of which may be potential locations.
Below are some more possible locations:
Waiting Areas ,Mines, Construction sites, Sporting fields, Equipment Rentals ,Laundromats, Radio & TV Stations, Oil Lube Shops, Tire Repair Shops, Muffler Shops, Auto Parts Stores, Hardware Stores, Timber yards Beauty Salons, Travel Agencies, Bus Depots, Barber Shops, Print Shops Ski Lodges, Video Stores, Auto Rentals, Auto Repair Shops, Auto Auctions, License Bureaus, Recreational Facilities, Ski Resorts, Game Rooms, Billiard Rooms, Club Houses, Backpacker hostels, Lounges, Night Clubs, Banks, Restaurants, Real Estate Offices, Souvenir Shops Office Supply Stores, Professionals Offices, Skating Rinks, Sports Centers, Assembly Shops Car Washes, Machine Shops, Telemarketing Offices, Miniature Golf , Service Stations, Fire Stations, Pawn Shops, Day Care Centers, Tanning Salons, Fitness Centers, Marinas, Golf Courses, Large Business, Bowling Alleys, Industrial Areas, Office Complexes, Department Stores, Supermarkets, Car Dealerships, Police Stations, Beauty Schools, Technical Schools High Schools, Colleges & Dorms, Hospitals, Medical centers, Retirement Centers, Hotels/motel (lobbies), Ferry Terminals, Airport Terminals, Cruise Ship Facilities, Civic Centers, Court Houses, Health Centers, Rehab Facilities, Exhibit Halls Convention Centers, and Post Offices, practically anywhere where people are.

How long will my machine/s take to arrive?
All machines will be delivered to you from the closest warehouse to you in Australia. It should normally take 7 to 14 days – In the event the machines are out of stock it may take a little longer and Will inform you if this is the case.

How Long will consumables take to arrive?
Consumables are normally always in stock stock and should take 4 to 7 days using Australian Express delivery. If it is your first order with your machine/s they will both arrive together.
If for any reason an item is out of stock, we will let you know.